About Us

Growing up I absolutely loved hearing about my parents’ journey - my mother and father both respectively were born and raised in Turkey, however migrated to Australia in 1970. They would then become proud ‘True Blue’ Australian citizens raising three children in Melbourne.

Although we were raised as proud Aussies, my parents ensured our Turkish roots still shun bright – we spoke Turkish at home, we cooked and ate Turkish cuisine, we’d devour Turkish sweets together with Turkish tea or Turkish coffee.

I still remember when family, friends and neighbours would visit our household my mother would always offer them a ‘Kahve (coffee) or Cay (tea)’ – every sip represented unity, support and love.

Whether it was breakfast, for a break or to wind down after a tiring day, tea and coffee played a staple role in our lives.

As I grew older I added to these memories through my travels to Turkey. Some of my fondest were shopping through the streets of Istanbul. As a token of hospitality, shopkeepers would always offer tea to make my experience more welcoming, even if I was not buying anything. The tea brought people together and I created many friendships because of it.

Every time I would return home, I yearned for that same feeling. It was then I realised that I wanted to bring the taste of Turkey to living rooms here, to experience the culture, beauty and uniqueness of my fantastic heritage.

Welcome to One Minute Turkish, I’m ecstatic to have you join this journey with us.